I’ve been going around in circles for the past thirty years changing who I want to be. I studied art passionately as a child and as an adult. I feel passionate about a lot of things and don’t want to settle on just one or two to define who I am. So this blog was born to help me express myself in all my passions. Painting is number one for me. Teaching it to others is right up there too. But I will be exploring drawing, printmaking, graphic design, illustration, food, music, teaching and much more.

I believe that keeping everything in life simple is an excellent way to be. I also believe that enjoying art and making art for the pleasure of it is deeply satisfying and healing. Hence, zenarttherapy.

I’m an artist. I’m not a psychologist or clinician. I am degreed in fine art and graphic design and I’ve spent the past 30+ years teaching. I’ve learned a thing or two, I think.


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